At St Mary's community Adult Education Centre we offer a number of services to the community.

Friendly Call Service

Launching this year is our Friendly Call service where we will offer a regular friendly call for the elderly and vulnerable to not only check in but have a quick chat also.

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Ageing Plus

We have launched a new support service for vulnerable people in the local vicinity called Ageing Plus. We will provide light DIY, gardening maintenance, small household tasks, and some backyard tidying for those in need. 

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IT Service

In the last year we offer a booking service for community members to make an appointment with our IT expert to come to the centre for tech help. Our IT service is not just limited to the public, but also to community organisations in our area. If you book a slot with us, our IT worker can visit your organisation to address any tech support issues you may have. 

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Printing Service

We currently offer a printing service, support with CV`s, education and progression advice, referrals for employment and referrals for career guidance.

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Adapt Services

St Marys Community Adult Education Group Host the Adapt Women's services Drop in clinic here at the centre. If you are under the threat or suffering domestic abuse or coercive control, please contact us here at the centre or Adapt Services directly (Tel: (061) 412354, Email:

We will be happy to facilitate you meeting a support worker who can help you at this troubling time.

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Adapt Service

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