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Battery Recycle Bin

Here at St. Marys, we are acutely aware of the impact that climate change has on us and our society. It is clear at this stage that we need to all pull together to help do our part in maintaining our small part of the planet for generations to be able to enjoy in the future.

What we do now as a society will resonate for years to come and have a direct impact on the planet. As the provider of education and training for our area, we feel it is our duty to facilitate positive moves to impact our carbon footprint within our area.

We hold green initiatives through some of our classes, like fabric upcycling, gardening, air frying (low-impact cooking on fuel consumption), and many more to come.

We now offer a battery recycling drop-off area in the centre itself.

  • Lithium batteries occasionally leak gases and vapours that could be dangerous to one's health.
  • It has been reported that lead acid batteries can leak acid, which could result in harm or property damage.

We are also starting an initiative from seed to training plate, where we will grow the food to the point where it will be cooked during one of our many cooking classes.

Within this broader initiative, we will be hoping to engage with the community for ideas and shared experience to facilitate these ideas so that we all may do our part in looking after the future of our kids, grandkids, and beyond.

Below are some of the initiatives we have going on around our centre.

Fabric upcycling: Instead of throwing away and adding to landfills, why not upcycle? We have classes to show you how.

Gardening : Rewild your garden and encourage the flora and fauna to thrive. Butterfly bushes encourage the bees to pollinate.

Air Frying: Classes to show local people how to utilise the skill and the low energy impact of an air fryer over a conventional fan oven.

We also have our hard-working litter pickers, Denise and Christy, who are out early every morning, keeping our community clean and tidy.

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