Kitchen Renovation

Over the summer, our dedicated staff worked very hard (many a late evening!) to remodel our kitchen and stock it with new equipment so we could offer more varied classes. It was done with help through funding from Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, Reach, Limerick Regeneration, SIF and further support from DSP.

Here, we offer cooking and baking classes, including:

• Air-frying: a course that teaches you how to make eco-friendly, cost-effective, and tasty meals.

• One Pot Cooking: a great course for healthy family meals.

• Introduction to Baking: for yummy treats made with our new baking equipment.

We will soon be offering Healthy Food Made Easy, which helps with nutrition, budgeting meals as well as taste.

And there will be more classes after Christmas.

We aim to help by catering to everyone and provide courses that are practical and educational. Help with food waste and climate change.

The kitchen is the heart of our home here and a safe, comfortable space where learners can take a break and relax!

Work in progress:

And after:

Sorcha Wharton


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