Coffee Morning with ADAPT Domestic Abuse Service

Chelsea O’Connor  


Today, St. Marys Adult Education had a tea and coffee morning with ADAPT to raise awareness on domestic violence on woman and children. The main purpose of this talk was to help give an insight into the signs of domestic violence in a household and to show the range of services ADAPT has to offer to individuals who may be experiencing domestic violence at home.


ADAPT operates the country’s largest refuge which offers emergency housing for women and children who are exposed to domestic abuse. It also offers a multitude of outreach facilities to women who are not in a position to stay in the residential area such as a 24-hour helpline, 1-2-1 support for issues caused by domestic violence for example financial support. ADAPT also have a support group for woman to attend which helps woman understand the meaning of domestic violence and helps woman meet others who are in the same situation as them.


ADAPT have a range of services to help children who are exposed to domestic violence and help the children gain knowledge on healthy relationships, equal opportunity, and respectability. An educational service is also included in ADAPT to help individual’s experiencing domestic violence have a stepping stone back into an education and a career.

If you are experiencing or know anyone experiencing domestic violence in a household, please do not hesitate to contact ADAPT at.  


ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services,

ADAPT House,




Tel: (061) 412354

Fax: (061) 419809

Email: info@adaptservices.ie

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